How To talk to a Person you Like

14 Jan


           As Valentine’s day comes closer there are many things to consider. On of these things can be approaching someone whom you find attractive. I know that there are many online chat apps, dating sites, and articles that facilitate the process of having a relationship or simply getting a date. But has anyone really thought about how to get what they want from said relationship or date? Now I once was in a situation where it was difficult to tell whether I was just casually dating a guy or we where in a relationship and even until he broke up with me I don’t think he knew either. So what is the plan? Talk to the person of your interest, do not use a pick up line, they don’t really work, look up

  •  Start with a Hi or Hello, they are a normal person so you must communicate with them as you would anyone else.
  • Compliment should follow, compliment their awesomeness on something they said, something they are wearing, or what they are drinking even. (With that being said guys do not follow advertisements crappy beers and colones do say something about you) But if you could find a way to compliment the way a girl smells without being creepy do so.
  • You probably would like to insert the fact that hanging out with them again would be awesome and then ask if exchanging information is possible. Be direct and do not beat around the bush, the more you wait the worst it becomes.

Ok so now you have the number or contact info, How to use it? First do not contact immediately, chances are they are probably  not waiting later that day. Follow the rules in, and you should be ok.

  • Please make an activity plan not only a movie and dinner but do some sort of activity, this takes awkwardness away from having to talk to a person you like. Also if you are not up to giving relationships a try it makes causality easier. 
  • If you are not entirely interested in a relationship and wish to just go on dates, let the other person know. I will save you and the other person unnecessary drama.
  • The more interest you have on a person the more dates you should have, and they should get more and more  intimate. Trust me they do not need to know every little detail of your personal life on the first dates. This does not however mean that if you had a really funny anecdote you should not try it; please try it laughing is good.
  • Please understand at the end of the date if you don’t get a kiss or a nice hug well something went wrong. If you get a hand-shake or an awkward hug; chances are you should probably move on. Sorry about this but it is like a rule most girls follow.

There could be variation as with anything but please understand that this is here to help you. Take the help at your own risk, Comment if you like, I run all of my ideas through several people before I write. Now live long and prosper in the dating circuit.


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