A review of Warm Bodies (the movie)

21 Feb

So notice how attractive this zombie is compared to other zombie movies.

                                 Ok I have not written in a while but here is my review of warm bodies. For those who are not aware or have not seen the trailers, the premise of the movie is that sometime in the near future a zombie infestation will happen. I know that has been done before; and to that I say yes but in this movie zombies decay to the point of losing all human aesthetics.  The lead zombie happens to fall in-love with a non-zombie girl, with influences in the survivors’’ corner of the world. This attraction causes a reversal of the initial zombie instinct which is to feed on humans. While this has never been seen before I must admit it created funny moment and while the action scenes could have used, I don’t know action it was not a bad movie.

                Now here is what I think the message of the movie is: People should not lose their humanity, those who became zombies lost their humanity because of the virus. To counter that the survivors also lost part of their humanity by closing themselves off and having experienced the harsh fact that their world filled with friends and family is never to return. So to a degree this movie gives hope that the zombie apocalypse will be nothing more than an infestation from which humans will adapt and prosper like we have done in the past.

               Aside from the psychological reasons as to why and how humans would react in such a situation, I have to say that the lack of communication in our current world. Everyone is fixated on their computers of handheld devices and often we forget to make an effort to interact with real people, you know the ones that you can actually touch if it were not so very creepy to just reach out and touch someone’s face to make sure they are in-fact there. So in other words prevent the zombie apocalypse by being somewhat proactive about meeting people, I am not saying turn yourself into a social butterfly and mingle, because I would not do that. But please if you read this set a goal talk to someone face to face and in real life if only for a few minutes or just someone new. Do not lose your humanity because all that makes us unique and human is our ability to communicate with various degrees of complexity.  So yeah, How I jumped from ‘Warm Bodies’ to the need for people to have more real life and time human interaction does not even makes sense to me. But all I know is that this is what I feel and therefore I can say this here.


One Response to “A review of Warm Bodies (the movie)”

  1. Edward DeBoy February 27, 2013 at 12:21 am #

    After watching the trailer for this film I was a little put off and was leaning on the side of, this is a “Teen Dating” flick and was turned off by it. But with it having a message about society and showing us how truly disconnected we are from each other, I may have to give this film a shot. Even when you look around today, are we not zombies already? Has the outbreak already happened?

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