A closer look at an over-used pick-up line.

24 Feb

So we have all heard that a pick-up line whether you are the object at which that pick-up line is directed or you are someone who (and bless your poor poor innocent mind if you do) thinks that pick-up lines are a legit way to actually get a person to talk to you for more than a few minutes. The most used pick-up line would have to be “did it hurt?” and to this you are supposed to answer with a polite but innocent “what?”. When we all know that the most appropriate answer is “Why are you talking to me about physical harm?”. Well if you answer with accordance to the social norm then the reply from the person who initiated the line will be “when you fell from the sky, because you are an angel”. The social normative response to that is perhaps a smile, followed by maybe a thank you and a brisk signal to your group of friend (and I do wish you are not alone if someone approaches you with this line)  to get out and get out now! O.k. so maybe you don’t really leave but at least a distance between you and the person from where these word came from is created (friends are very handy when it comes to creating a barrier).

Now why we are all here for this pick up line. The jest of this line is to make the recipient of the attention feel flattered because the person who began the communication is either comparing you to and angel in beauty or stating that you are in fact an angel based on the one minute to lets hope it has not been more than a minute since they have noticed you (I will point that if a person notices you for longer than a minute and you and that person are not constant regulars at the place where the line came to be said then the risk of having a stalker may be real.). Right so we have the basics down, now lets look at the line part by part. You, in the eyes of this person, are a “fallen angel”. Can we think of all of the angels that have been known to “fall” from heaven? Yup, Lucifer! Whoot you are now being compared to what most major religions believe to be the devil.  Angels do not fall from heaven they get expelled or thrown out.

I am not saying that this is the intent of the line or the person who decides to use it but come on people the internet is all around us, Supernatural has been largely blogged on tumblr.com and well there are those who have heard the Bibble? well anyways the next time you are thinking of using that line, DON’T! if you are the recipient of that line, now you know hoe to respond if you want to feel offended or if you would like to educate the poor poor innocent souls who decide to use such pick-up lines.


This is a Supernatural reference, just so you know.


One Response to “A closer look at an over-used pick-up line.”

  1. john zande March 27, 2013 at 11:43 pm #

    Proud to say I’ve never once used a line. I think a survival mechanism in me was always far too alert to allow it 😉

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