The woes of an introvert

24 Feb

Introversion can be misunderstood for shyness and while it is a side effect, shyness is not introversion. Just to clear things out this is not a psychological article at all. This is just me talking about a day where I encounter more than my usual amount of people. I must say people exhaust me. I enjoy people, don’t get me wrong I love to hang out with friends and new people. Fortunately or unfortunately I have began to meet new people just a few weeks ago and just leaving my house to meet someone new makes me tired. I wish it did not because I do enjoy meeting new people but alone time is well deserved after a meeting.  That is all I have for this post so may the universe conspire to make your life prosperous.



One Response to “The woes of an introvert”

  1. colonelgraph March 27, 2013 at 7:45 am #

    I totally understand Nuria! As an introvert there are just some days where having to talk to endless swarms of people exhausts me. It’s hard to live in a culture where everyone is expected to be super extroverted and it’s frustrating when people think you’re “weird” for being an introvert. That GIF totally encapsulates how I feel sometimes. Anyway, I’d like to extend a nomination to you for a Liebster Award. It’s a bit silly, I know, but you can check out the details here:

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