28 Feb

This is the greatest thing ever.


“The Blue Ear is going to Gotham!” boasts a WMUR news story aired four days ago. Who is Blue Ear? He’s a Marvel superhero created last spring after the company received an email from Christina D’Allesandro of Salem, NH. D’Allesandro is mom to five year-old Anthony Smith, who has no hearing in his right ear and hearing loss in his left. She wrote Marvel last spring when Smith (then just four years old) told her he didn’t want to wear his hearing aid anymore.

When D’Allesandro asked her son why, he said, “Superheroes don’t wear blue ears.”

How wrong he was. In response to D’Allesandro’s email, Tom Brevoort (Marvel’s senior vice president and executive editor) told D’Allesandro to tell her son that superheroes really do wear hearing aids: during his limited solo series in the 1980s, Hawkeye (a key member of the Avengers) lost his hearing. Brevoort said that…

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