Why Do children Grow Up?

30 Mar

First of all I must say that I am not a parent unless you are like me and count being a pet parent equal to being a child parent. But this is about my little sister. It was only a year ago when she demonstrated interest in the attractiveness of male characters in a T.V. series. (the series was the Tudors, and lets face it there is a number of attractive people in that show) At the time I though it was amusing, I must admit that the fact that she said someone was “hot” startled me.

But then not long ago she showed up at the house with a boy following her like a lost puppy. At that moment I knew she was no longer my little sister that cringed at the mentioned of anything remotely romantic. She was now a part of the grown-up-ish populations. She dresses up before he comes over, where as before she would slump down wearing her pajamas shorts and what ever else was not to dirty in her bedroom floor, while blogging on tumblr occasionally redirecting her attention to food. Now she is fully alert all day and actually does not stay on Tumblr for that long. I am not sure if I miss it or it is the fact that I feel older as she seems more grown up. But it has caught me by surprise and while I like the kid that now seems to hang around the house, I miss the group of girls that would often descend upon the house and eat everything they could. I don’t know maybe I just want to go back to the time when everything was easier, but I must admit that her teenage angst and mood swings have lowered in magnitude and well the house is rather calm now. I don’t know what will come next but these are my thought for the moment. 




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