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Doctor Who: Hide

21 Apr

Ok so I watched another new episode of Doctor Who called Hide, first thought is that there was a lot of hand touching. 


 ok so that gif. is a high five but you will see what I mean. 

 I will have to say it was one of the most fun episodes since the three month waiting period. There was that scary movie feeling, with the smart resolve that Doctor Who always does.

First of all we see that the T.A.R.D.I.S. does in fact not like Clara much and believes that she only likes herself.


 The doctor goes to a type of universe where the T.A.R.D.I.S. can not park otherwise she will burn. So they figure out a way to get out and they do I guess.



I loved this episode not to mention that Dougray  Scott is in it (for those Ever After fans! Oh Henry born to privilege)  but over all may I just say Ghosts are brought up! and I like ghosts, so it is a big win.  


Enjoy the episode and small reminder that we are getting closer to the 50th Anniversary  Episode!. 


Doctor Who: Cold War

14 Apr

Ok I have just seen the third episode of the new Doctor Who season called “cold War”. I must say it was a very classic Who episode, which I enjoyed. The wrap up was a bit rushed but that is probably my biggest critique.


The Doctor is supposed to be going to Las Vegas but instead ends up in a Russian missile submarine during the cold war. It turns out that they have found a Frozen specimen who turns out to be an alien (Martian! just in case you did not know they appeared in the earlier regenerations) who gets defrosted by a sailor with a Blow torch. Oh yeah the T.A.R.D.I.S. goes away, because the submarine is failing due to an alien trying to get out. 



Anyways I liked that Clara actually listened to the doctor and while she was shaken up she intervened enough to make her presence count. They where happy to have saved the world in who fashion and with the exception of not having the T.A.R.D.I.S. it all was well. However my theory on the T.A.R.D.I.S. having modifications to it’s system is because it does not like Clara for some reason and the doctor is trying to fix that. 


That is all I guess leave thought below if you have a better explanation for the sudden changes to the TARDIS or who Clara may be.

The girl creep.

13 Apr

I have several friend Bloggers who talk about the guy who says he is a “nice guy” but actually end up coming across as actual jerks, and I myself have talk about what makes guys creepy in How not to be a creep, A list. But I feel that the girl spectrum of this has been ignored and wish to be fair.

First of all I don’t think that most men would look at a girl who is trying to hit on them and call her a creep. I think that society has made it so female creeps get different labels because of their gender.

So what labels can be expected to pop around are usually clingy, or crazy (notice how the words have a similar beginning  creepy-crazy. It might be a stretch)


And I feel like most men try to look for this sign, at least I hope are but then again it seems like girl creep does not surface until the relationship has taken a running start.


I would like to think of the ‘one week anniversary creep girl’ as something that happens in high school, but maybe I am not fully aware of what is going on out there. Anyways I think that both are form of creepiness that sets in because society pushes up to do things that perhaps we are not completely comfortable with. See men are suppose to do the chasing or whatever it is that they tell boys to do when they get pulled over at gym class.  Women are supposed to hold on to a relationship until it turns into marriage or whatever it is that they tell girls to do when they get separated from the boys in their class and they have adult women talk about their bodies. The thing is that both sets of creeps are as their names imply creepy and following the gender social script to closely and blindfolded.

Fifty “Hey!” messages are the same as fifty “;)” followed by “why did you not answer my texts?” it would all be much simpler if kids were taught how to read people’s emotions instead of being told how to do their respective gender and how to behave towards those who become the object of their affection.

I as an example would have benefited from it, I lack the ability to read people when affection or dating is involved. I try not to be a creep as I believe that is the best way to be a good human, but I just can’t deal with the formalities or expectation that come from being in a potential relationship. On the other side of the spectrum there are people who read WAY into signs and situations, which can cause the girl creep effect.


What to do if you encounter a girl creep? well first get out! get out now!! as I advised in the list mostly directed at male creeps (link is at the beginning of this post) You should always be aware of your exits, yes perhaps you are a guy who can do well in hand to hand combat, but keep in mind that women have no unspoken (or spoken rules) about fighting, women have long nails and I think most know that pulling on the side-burn side of the hair hurts almost to a debilitating point. You should also be aware that women will often use the mind ninja tricks that have been trusted upon then from years of hanging around other school girl who would give them silent treatments and what have you (it has all been training). Women  will often use those low-blow insults regarding physical appearance and they have spent time with you enough to notice and narrow-in on your insecurities. Be safe and may the universe conspire to give you a creep free environment and remember if you see a creep let them know it might be better to hear it from another person because chances are they might not realize it.


Fictional men who love their vehicles and the fan who love them

11 Apr


Ok so while watching classic doctor who I came upon a lovely sense where the third doctor holds the T.AR.D.I.S. key after his regeneration. I came to the realization that there are quite a few fictional character who are rather in-love with their modes of transportation. The main one are from Doctor who and Supernatural, but I am sure that the way that Harry Potter took care of his broom stick does not exclude him from being on this list. 

 Let’s talk about the Doctor, it was not until the eleventh regeneration that the writers give him the pleasure of making the TARDIS into a human form. Where Amy so appropriately implies that it had been a major wish, and the episode was called “The doctor’s wife”. The nickname the doctor chooses is “sexy” by the way.


 The second on the list is Dean Winchester from Supernatural and his vehicle of choice is the Ford Impala, that he drives all over the country and has nicknames “baby”. Appropriate? maybe. But he is very protective of this car, it was described as their home in one episode.  


ok now back to Harry Potter yes I understand that the summers at the Dursley’s were dull for young Harry Potter but he spent an awful lot of time caring for his broom. Unfortunately I have no gifs for that but one day. 

However if either the doctor or the Winchesters where to ever need my help for what ever it might be I would go, heck! I would jump on a broom it were possible to fly away in it. 


Would you say anything other than “yes doctor!”?

The Golden Girls Drinking Game

7 Apr

this is the best thing ever!!

This was invented and became a staple in the late 90’s in Mid-Missouri. The game goes as follows:Every person in the room picks one of the 4 characters – Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, or Sofia.

For the entire episode the following cues lead to the following drink requirement based on your assigned character

Blanche makes a sexual innuendo = 1 drink, Blanche mentions the South = power drink

Rose says something airheaded = 1 drink, Rose mentions St Olaf = power drink

Dorothy gives advice = 1 drink, Dorothy mentions ex-husband Stan = power drink

Sofia makes a wise crack = 1 drink, Sofia mentions The Old Country = power drink

Any time the word “Cheesecake” is mentioned = Social!

Any time 3 or more of the women sit together to eat cheesecake all three must do a Power Social

If all 4 of the women are seated at one table…

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Doctor Who and what I thought about episode 8 season 7

7 Apr

The episode was called The Rings of Akhaten. So I must say that I am still mourning the tenth doctor, I know it has been a while but hey I became attached, what can I say, with that aside I don’t think that the newest doctor is bad I just have that whole point of comparison thing people do when they have someone new replace their last person. You look for the differences and similarities; both physically and intellectually (and my that I mean how the react to different situation). Anyways in this episode it is the first adventure with the brand new companion Clara, who the doctor is someone obsessed with due to the fact that they have met twice in his past and both times Clara did not really make it. But in this episode they establish that she will live to be in yet another consecutive episode in the doctor’s time line. 


The doctor takes his new companion to a different part of the universe, here is where I ran into a problem (from my point of view at least) She meets beings at the market place and she is not able to understand them. Now I was under the impression that once you entered the T.A.R.D.I.S. you would automatically be able to understand any alien language that a human or companion encountered.  I am wrong? if you read this and can give me a correct answer please do. Anyways back tho the story the singing was nice, whovians have encountered singing but it was tragic like the song of the Oods and what not. There was a giant parasitic monster that takes beings’ souls or stories, this one is a bit new. The doctor offers up his stories, which as we know is everything in the universe, time and space. when that is not enough then Clara steps up and offers what could have been which because what could have been is infinite defeats the monster. 

Ok now back to the creepiness of the doctor looking up the life of Clara, he sees her whole life story and while I know he is intrigued by the fact that she has appeared in different points in time to only die at the end. I think that this does not give him the right to watch as her parents met and what not. I know that the doctor works in rare ways and that he also met Amy when she was young as well as meeting river as a baby. i would just like to point out that there is an twist of physics and laws of space and time bending with in the Oswin story line. I cannot look away from it I will not look away from it and I am sure that Moffat will surprise me when the story line unravels little by little as the doctor and Clara’s story unravels. I will point out that the speculation as to who Oswin/ Clara is goes from her being the 12th doctor to her being Cal. Ultimately I think the show will take it’s usual turns and will make us believe it is going in a completely rational direction to later take a hard left and make sense of it. I will be happy as long as the show does not end and Tennant comes back for an awesome episode for the 50th anniversary. 


Supernatural always kills the people we care about

7 Apr

Ok so I recently watched the latest episode of Supernatural If you have not seen episode 18 from season 8 please do not read this the following rant does contain spoilers on the episode.


That gif hopefully discouraged those who are not yet on that episode. As I was saying I watched that episode and well if you have been up to date with supernatural by this time you know that the angels are back, Kevin Tran is no longer in advance placement but actually translating the word of god and doing rather poorly appearance wise. Bobby has died, Sam found a sorta normal life, and Dean came out of Purgatory with a friend. I would like to focus on Dean’s friend Benny a lovely vampire who helped him get out of Purgatory. I know that when he first came into the picture the fandom’s reaction was “no way a Winchester can maintain a relationship with a vampire!” well Benny is as adorable as it get in the Supernatural realm that is. He is good tries to do the right thing ends up screwing up but in the end you still love him because you have to. On this last episode he is sent back to Purgatory to rescue Sam and Bobby as a favor to Dean. And in true Supernatural fashion he makes himself a martyr and thus his time as an actual character and not just a memory begins. I liked Benny he was a bad-ass vampire trying to do the right thing he found his family got rid of his old nest most importantly he helped Dean. Now he is no more, this is my rant on the end of Benny the best vampire with character development that  Supernatural has given us.

Aww, Benny!

Aww, Benny!