T.A.R.D.I.S day and what I thought of the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who

1 Apr



So as many Whovians (well ok lets face it if you consider yourself a whovian you have been waiting for yesterday to come for three months now) I watched the newest Doctor Who episode The Bells of Saint John. For this special occasion I made blue blue berry cupcakes with blue frosting (unfortunately I was not able to get the true T.A.R.D.I.S) and my friend Ben brought beer to enjoy the event. I have discovered in my life, that cupcakes and beer are never a bad thing.  So what has happened? Well yes the doctor does get a new partner/companion. There is a new threat on the world which has been present since before the Ponds left the doctor and the presence of the Ponds can still be seen through this season I am sure. What is different well this companion has been unable to travel with the doctor twice before as we know there have been companions that have not wanted to go with the doctor right off the bat, such as Donna Noble who waited until the next meeting to actually start being the tenth doctor’s best friend (Donna is my favorite companion ever). This companion eluded being a companion twice before, though not entirely by choice. Now my prediction for this season is that there will be a lot of universal travel rather than time travel due to the new opening credits for this season. The new companion has appeared in two episodes including the last Christmas special, and the fact that she appeared has made the doctor look for her. Now if any of you out there have seen the pre-quel you might have know that there may have been many more times when the doctor meets his new companion though it is often without him knowing. Now sense we are talking about the man who likes to know about everything and hates not knowing why, the reaction of looking for this new companion is understandable. Over all I like the new companion, and the new episode, I have avoided spoilers as much as possible because well there are people trying to play catch up with the new season. 

That is all for my random though 



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