Doctor Who and what I thought about episode 8 season 7

7 Apr

The episode was called The Rings of Akhaten. So I must say that I am still mourning the tenth doctor, I know it has been a while but hey I became attached, what can I say, with that aside I don’t think that the newest doctor is bad I just have that whole point of comparison thing people do when they have someone new replace their last person. You look for the differences and similarities; both physically and intellectually (and my that I mean how the react to different situation). Anyways in this episode it is the first adventure with the brand new companion Clara, who the doctor is someone obsessed with due to the fact that they have met twice in his past and both times Clara did not really make it. But in this episode they establish that she will live to be in yet another consecutive episode in the doctor’s time line. 


The doctor takes his new companion to a different part of the universe, here is where I ran into a problem (from my point of view at least) She meets beings at the market place and she is not able to understand them. Now I was under the impression that once you entered the T.A.R.D.I.S. you would automatically be able to understand any alien language that a human or companion encountered.  I am wrong? if you read this and can give me a correct answer please do. Anyways back tho the story the singing was nice, whovians have encountered singing but it was tragic like the song of the Oods and what not. There was a giant parasitic monster that takes beings’ souls or stories, this one is a bit new. The doctor offers up his stories, which as we know is everything in the universe, time and space. when that is not enough then Clara steps up and offers what could have been which because what could have been is infinite defeats the monster. 

Ok now back to the creepiness of the doctor looking up the life of Clara, he sees her whole life story and while I know he is intrigued by the fact that she has appeared in different points in time to only die at the end. I think that this does not give him the right to watch as her parents met and what not. I know that the doctor works in rare ways and that he also met Amy when she was young as well as meeting river as a baby. i would just like to point out that there is an twist of physics and laws of space and time bending with in the Oswin story line. I cannot look away from it I will not look away from it and I am sure that Moffat will surprise me when the story line unravels little by little as the doctor and Clara’s story unravels. I will point out that the speculation as to who Oswin/ Clara is goes from her being the 12th doctor to her being Cal. Ultimately I think the show will take it’s usual turns and will make us believe it is going in a completely rational direction to later take a hard left and make sense of it. I will be happy as long as the show does not end and Tennant comes back for an awesome episode for the 50th anniversary. 



2 Responses to “Doctor Who and what I thought about episode 8 season 7”

  1. jthestudentnurse April 7, 2013 at 5:24 am #

    When Clara tries to hide in the TARDIS, it would not open and Clara thinks that the TARDIS does not like her. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the TARDIS did not translate for her?

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