Supernatural always kills the people we care about

7 Apr

Ok so I recently watched the latest episode of Supernatural If you have not seen episode 18 from season 8 please do not read this the following rant does contain spoilers on the episode.


That gif hopefully discouraged those who are not yet on that episode. As I was saying I watched that episode and well if you have been up to date with supernatural by this time you know that the angels are back, Kevin Tran is no longer in advance placement but actually translating the word of god and doing rather poorly appearance wise. Bobby has died, Sam found a sorta normal life, and Dean came out of Purgatory with a friend. I would like to focus on Dean’s friend Benny a lovely vampire who helped him get out of Purgatory. I know that when he first came into the picture the fandom’s reaction was “no way a Winchester can maintain a relationship with a vampire!” well Benny is as adorable as it get in the Supernatural realm that is. He is good tries to do the right thing ends up screwing up but in the end you still love him because you have to. On this last episode he is sent back to Purgatory to rescue Sam and Bobby as a favor to Dean. And in true Supernatural fashion he makes himself a martyr and thus his time as an actual character and not just a memory begins. I liked Benny he was a bad-ass vampire trying to do the right thing he found his family got rid of his old nest most importantly he helped Dean. Now he is no more, this is my rant on the end of Benny the best vampire with character development that  Supernatural has given us.

Aww, Benny!

Aww, Benny!



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