The Golden Girls Drinking Game

7 Apr

this is the best thing ever!!

This was invented and became a staple in the late 90’s in Mid-Missouri. The game goes as follows:Every person in the room picks one of the 4 characters – Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, or Sofia.

For the entire episode the following cues lead to the following drink requirement based on your assigned character

Blanche makes a sexual innuendo = 1 drink, Blanche mentions the South = power drink

Rose says something airheaded = 1 drink, Rose mentions St Olaf = power drink

Dorothy gives advice = 1 drink, Dorothy mentions ex-husband Stan = power drink

Sofia makes a wise crack = 1 drink, Sofia mentions The Old Country = power drink

Any time the word “Cheesecake” is mentioned = Social!

Any time 3 or more of the women sit together to eat cheesecake all three must do a Power Social

If all 4 of the women are seated at one table…

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One Response to “The Golden Girls Drinking Game”

  1. Ryan Brooks April 8, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    Haha, dynamite. Never have I wanted to watch four elderly women quite so badly before. #voyeuristicdrunk 🙂

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