Fictional men who love their vehicles and the fan who love them

11 Apr


Ok so while watching classic doctor who I came upon a lovely sense where the third doctor holds the T.AR.D.I.S. key after his regeneration. I came to the realization that there are quite a few fictional character who are rather in-love with their modes of transportation. The main one are from Doctor who and Supernatural, but I am sure that the way that Harry Potter took care of his broom stick does not exclude him from being on this list. 

 Let’s talk about the Doctor, it was not until the eleventh regeneration that the writers give him the pleasure of making the TARDIS into a human form. Where Amy so appropriately implies that it had been a major wish, and the episode was called “The doctor’s wife”. The nickname the doctor chooses is “sexy” by the way.


 The second on the list is Dean Winchester from Supernatural and his vehicle of choice is the Ford Impala, that he drives all over the country and has nicknames “baby”. Appropriate? maybe. But he is very protective of this car, it was described as their home in one episode.  


ok now back to Harry Potter yes I understand that the summers at the Dursley’s were dull for young Harry Potter but he spent an awful lot of time caring for his broom. Unfortunately I have no gifs for that but one day. 

However if either the doctor or the Winchesters where to ever need my help for what ever it might be I would go, heck! I would jump on a broom it were possible to fly away in it. 


Would you say anything other than “yes doctor!”?


One Response to “Fictional men who love their vehicles and the fan who love them”

  1. Edward DeBoy April 11, 2013 at 5:40 am #

    If you look back even to the comic age where Batman had his Batmobile. And the Doc created the time machine out of a delorian.Vehicle transportation is like a mans best friend.

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