The girl creep.

13 Apr

I have several friend Bloggers who talk about the guy who says he is a “nice guy” but actually end up coming across as actual jerks, and I myself have talk about what makes guys creepy in How not to be a creep, A list. But I feel that the girl spectrum of this has been ignored and wish to be fair.

First of all I don’t think that most men would look at a girl who is trying to hit on them and call her a creep. I think that society has made it so female creeps get different labels because of their gender.

So what labels can be expected to pop around are usually clingy, or crazy (notice how the words have a similar beginning  creepy-crazy. It might be a stretch)


And I feel like most men try to look for this sign, at least I hope are but then again it seems like girl creep does not surface until the relationship has taken a running start.


I would like to think of the ‘one week anniversary creep girl’ as something that happens in high school, but maybe I am not fully aware of what is going on out there. Anyways I think that both are form of creepiness that sets in because society pushes up to do things that perhaps we are not completely comfortable with. See men are suppose to do the chasing or whatever it is that they tell boys to do when they get pulled over at gym class.  Women are supposed to hold on to a relationship until it turns into marriage or whatever it is that they tell girls to do when they get separated from the boys in their class and they have adult women talk about their bodies. The thing is that both sets of creeps are as their names imply creepy and following the gender social script to closely and blindfolded.

Fifty “Hey!” messages are the same as fifty “;)” followed by “why did you not answer my texts?” it would all be much simpler if kids were taught how to read people’s emotions instead of being told how to do their respective gender and how to behave towards those who become the object of their affection.

I as an example would have benefited from it, I lack the ability to read people when affection or dating is involved. I try not to be a creep as I believe that is the best way to be a good human, but I just can’t deal with the formalities or expectation that come from being in a potential relationship. On the other side of the spectrum there are people who read WAY into signs and situations, which can cause the girl creep effect.


What to do if you encounter a girl creep? well first get out! get out now!! as I advised in the list mostly directed at male creeps (link is at the beginning of this post) You should always be aware of your exits, yes perhaps you are a guy who can do well in hand to hand combat, but keep in mind that women have no unspoken (or spoken rules) about fighting, women have long nails and I think most know that pulling on the side-burn side of the hair hurts almost to a debilitating point. You should also be aware that women will often use the mind ninja tricks that have been trusted upon then from years of hanging around other school girl who would give them silent treatments and what have you (it has all been training). Women  will often use those low-blow insults regarding physical appearance and they have spent time with you enough to notice and narrow-in on your insecurities. Be safe and may the universe conspire to give you a creep free environment and remember if you see a creep let them know it might be better to hear it from another person because chances are they might not realize it.



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