Doctor Who: Journey to the Center of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

9 May

I apologize for the lack of writing the past few weeks. So here is the review of the Doctor who episode Journey to the center of the TARDIS.


 And I am sadden to say that this was a filler episode, there was no given information on Clara or the doctor just some filler adventure.


First, not to our surprise The TARDIS is super important to the doctor. So by trying to make them (Clara and the TARDIS) become closer friends, the shields get deactivated so Clara can fly the TARDIS. This action allows for a salvage ship to grab the TARDIS and  proceed to dismantle it (well they try anyways).



It turns out that Clara becomes trapped in the TARDIS, the doctor does the lying thing he does that created the number one rule. Where the scavengers can have the TARDIS provided that he can find Clara, when they do so they have to go to the center of the TARDIS (Thus the title of this episode)


But really guys how awesome does the center look!



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