Doctor Who: The Crimson horrror

9 May

Ok The 12th episode of this season “The Crimson Horror”, Madam Vastra makes another appearance with Jenny. I have to say Jenny is super awesome and acted like a bad-ass inb this episode, which made the Doctor a little nervous. 


 Ok so a prehistoric bug is release in Victorian London, in an exclusive gated communy that picks the best human specimen. Madam Vastra get a whiff of this and that the Doctor is already involved in the case, when she sends Jenny into action (to be a super bad ass and slap the Doctor).



On another turn of events the Doctor discover other uses for chairs and a blind girl literally call him a monster, who later seems to fall in-love with him.


Madam Vastra and Jenny become confused over the fact that Clara had died in-front of them at the end of the Christmas episode. May I also point out the doctor was trying to check if this Clara and Barmaid/ nanny Clara can exist in the same time and space. 


Almost everything becomes resolved except for the Clara issue, however somehow The kids Clara currently is nanny for figure out she has been around time thanks to the internet. Plus they open the fact that she was in the Christmas episode (well they do not phrase it that way). 


They threatened her with telling their father she is a time traveler (like that flies with most grown-up).

Over all this was a good episode and while it did not have the makings of the best episode ever, they had good moments. 



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