Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver

14 May

So this episode of Doctor Who, the doctor takes the two kids Clara takes care of, to a theme park.


There is an emperor missing, and there seem to be decommissioned Cybermen exhibited as amusement. The Doctor also gets rejected for playing chess. 


So the mentioned of Cybermen earlier? it was not just a mentioned they do come into play and do what Cybermen do, which is “upgrade” humans.



The doctor has a fight with himself and discusses Clara, ass well as Time lords and regenerations.




The doctor gets some time to get the kids to a safe place, yet he still gets to play chess after all!





The Cybermen don’t kill everybody which is cool.




and there is a proposal of marriage to Clara which made the Doctor rather nervous.




Ok so the overall experience of this episode, it was good there was the thrill of danger, and the doctor did his thing by saving most people with the help of the others around him. 

What bothered me was that well Clara gets described as someone who is a mystery and wears skirts who are just a bit to tight, May I point out that Clara has not worn a tight skirt except for the time when she was a Dalek and he did not actually see her then. 

Thoughts to Ponder, why is there a hint that the doctor is in-like with Clara, and why has she appeared in so many other timelines. Whatever happened to River?

So until the next review of Doctor Who.  


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