The Nice Guy Syndrome

14 May


So we all know the nice guys who keep saying they are nice and women want only to find jerks and complain to the “nice guy”. Ok so what is wrong here? Most self-proclaimed nice guys are bitter and they only become bitter by the amount of rejection their self-proclaimed nice-guyness gets them. These people believe they are not supposed to loose and when they do they externalize their problem to those women they fail woo. The same can be said for women and really anyone who is bitter about people they are attracted to who do not want to reciprocate that feeling, yet they do not realize their bitterness can be visible to a blind person miles away. It is not that the object of their affection is not attracted to nice people (I think everyone is attracted to nice people but that the definition and level of attraction varies between individuals.  Actually a small experiment demonstrated that nice guys have an equal chance at getting a girl as the guys that act like jerks (link is here –>


How do you know if you could have Nice Guy Syndrome?

Do you believe that the object of your affection rejected you because they like jerks and or don’t like nice people like you?

Have you ever thought of your self as the ‘nice guy’ that finishes last?

Do you feel bitter at those who did not accept your affection?

Do you feel people should go out with you or for that fact have sex with you because you are being nice?

if you answered yes to at least two of those there might be a slight chance you may have Nice guy syndrome. But it is not all lost, you have a chance because there is someone who will like you back just as much as you like them , because by being a decent human being you deserve someone who likes you as much as you like them.


Sorry if this seems normative but that was the only gif that tied to my topic.


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