Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor

20 May


Time for that time when Moffat messes with our brains!

ok so on this episode of Doctor Who, there is the obscure appearance of a non-doctor doctor.



We find out why Clara has been appearing and dying all the time! yes it will be cool.





New monster! Whispering men they are part of the Greater intelligence which we saw on the last Christmas episode. You know the one where Clara dies for the second time. 



We see River Song again and this time she is introduced to Clara who obviously did not know the doctor was married, however since she was saved in the library episode when Tennant was the doctor only Clara and the doctor can see her.



The kiss between River and the doctor is made that much more awkward…





The leaving of River is sad, as always. Oh and most of the sentimental action happens in Trenzalore.


Final thoughts, yeah Clara becomes much more cool madame Vastra is awesome. Now my theory on the non-doctor doctor is that this version happened during the time war, you know what was conveniently left out from viewers eyesight? So this may shift up doctors as in ten may not be ten anymore, or he may be 12. Anyways all us Whovians will have to wait until November 23rd to watch the 50th anniversary and hopefully (if Moffat is mercy-full) learn what has the non-doctor doctor done.  



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