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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

26 Jul


I picked another great book I feel like I am on a nerd dream. So this book, a lot of 80’s references which are not bad if your parents birth you at least before the 2000’s came around or if your parents were cool and shared 80’s pop culture with you. This book references everything nerndom too, we start with all video games ever and go to Sci fi. movies and shows.

Did I mention they reference Doctor Who and Star Trek?

Ok so we can start that the book begins in a world were most people would rather live in an alternative reality unlike now where people decide to focus on anything but the reality of life. People have been sent out to used their gaming and 80’s knowledge skills to find 3 keys and an Easter egg (not the type that are found during that pagan ritual Christianity passes for their own but the ones nerds and geeks find when watching a movie or playing a video game).


the first key takes forever to find but bonus if you figure it out before chapter 6 ends. The main character Wade makes another new friend (which in nerd who goes to virtual school and does never really get out much is like Christmas because other nerds enable you to nerd out if they are on the same nerddom).

Ok so you will hate the sixters in this book because they represent that sort of twisted greed that lead people to forget what it was ever like to want something and not be able to have it.

Also because our characters only know each other through computer avatars the real person to person interactions get a tat bit weird.

Now the moral of the story only happiness in the real world came truly make you happy, while reality can be crapy at times making you want to escape and forget about your everyday life or how much something may suck. only in the real world can you find happiness that will make you happy and help you through the bad sucky times parts of reality.


One final comment this book has the most epic battle I have ever read! mainly because of robots but yeah.

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

18 Jul
“Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back.”
– John Green
ok so this book is more geared toward young adults, however it has a nice message. The book centers around Colin an 18 year old child protegee who began to read at age two. He now feels that all his greatest moments have passed because has plateaued into average smart. To add to this confusing time in his life he has dated only girls who had the name Katherine (as the title implies of course) and has been dumped 19 times. 
Colin has a small mental break down when the 19th Katherine (or Katherine XIX) breaks up with him, so he is encouraged by his old time (and only) friend Hasan to go on a road trip with him. They arrive in a small Tennessee town where they are employed and meet a girl (name not Katherine) who is somewhat of a chameleon around people. 
This is a cute story about love, breakup, finding out who are your real friends and who are the people you can act like your-self around, and well as mathematical formulas and bathtubs. 

Redshirts by John Scalzi

17 Jul


First I will like to say that this is a funny book, The first part of it which is mainly tied to the actual universe where all the red-shirts die, has rather funny deaths. Not because of the deaths themselves but because of what the ensign is thinking when she or he is about to (insert weird and improbable ways to die here). The main characters come to a realization that they are replacing ensigns who died of ridiculous causes. Then they encounter people desperately wanting to be around the bridge crew after the first ensign has met it’s death on an away mission calling them the ‘sacrifice’. But the main part is that they come to realize that they are part of a science fiction show and not a good one at that. 

This book is also about becoming a better writer and not just killing an ensign just because nothing else came up, but the most important message of the book in a way is that we only have a small amount of time living our lives and even if in some way someone controls our fate we still make the small decisions and as any red-shirt will tell you, you never know when  your last away mission will be. 


So I liked this book I know I said the same thing about the last one too, but if you know the mechanics of Star Trek you will find yourself laughing alone while you read as I did.


Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

10 Jul


I can honestly say this was a great book, to me, it had strong female and male characters as well as really weak ones. It gives you many points of view which help you empathize with most characters, which is good because even in the end and after all they have done to others, you feel a bit of sadness when the student count goes down.

I will have to point out that if you don not like blood or goriness yet have awesome imagination skills you should not pick up this book or leave it after you read the words “you are participating in the Program”

Basically this book is about a class of 42 fifteen year old kids, they have all know each other for about two years with the exception of one student who recently transferred. they live in a fascist/communist Japan/Asian territory (because apparently other countries were taken in) that randomly selects a class from the second year of middle school and forces them to kill each other so only one can survive. I am sure that one of you who reads this may have seen the movie (there is a movie out there, two actually and Manga series) which seems for the blood and gore oriented.

This book is great because it gives you romance, thrill, blood (and tons of it), action scenes, and the warmness of friendship. What have I learn from this book? trust very little and it a girl poisons a plate of food and one of the other girls accidentally takes it a dies, the rest of the girls will kill each other with guns available to them. But most importantly survival skills are always useful (specially how to treat bullet wound and making primitive alarm systems).

Barbie redesign is hotter than the old model

6 Jul

pure awesomeness, that is all.


This week, the Internet is all abuzz with photos of a Barbie redesign by artist Nickolay Lamm. Why? Because Lamm took CDC measurements of the average 19 year-old woman and created a 3-D model, then photographed the new design next to a standard Barbie doll. The differences are shocking. They also reveal some pretty gross truths.

Lamm’s doll looks fantastic. If she wasn’t standing next to a standard Barbie, I honestly wouldn’t know the difference — except that I would, because I know how creepy Barbie dolls look. In the past, there’s been research about what would happen if a real woman had Barbie’s proportions. She wouldn’t be able to hold her head up, would only have enough room in her torso for half a liver, and would have to walk on all fours.

And yet, “I want to look like Barbie” is still a catch phrase heard uttered…

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