Redshirts by John Scalzi

17 Jul


First I will like to say that this is a funny book, The first part of it which is mainly tied to the actual universe where all the red-shirts die, has rather funny deaths. Not because of the deaths themselves but because of what the ensign is thinking when she or he is about to (insert weird and improbable ways to die here). The main characters come to a realization that they are replacing ensigns who died of ridiculous causes. Then they encounter people desperately wanting to be around the bridge crew after the first ensign has met it’s death on an away mission calling them the ‘sacrifice’. But the main part is that they come to realize that they are part of a science fiction show and not a good one at that. 

This book is also about becoming a better writer and not just killing an ensign just because nothing else came up, but the most important message of the book in a way is that we only have a small amount of time living our lives and even if in some way someone controls our fate we still make the small decisions and as any red-shirt will tell you, you never know when  your last away mission will be. 


So I liked this book I know I said the same thing about the last one too, but if you know the mechanics of Star Trek you will find yourself laughing alone while you read as I did.



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