Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

26 Jul


I picked another great book I feel like I am on a nerd dream. So this book, a lot of 80’s references which are not bad if your parents birth you at least before the 2000’s came around or if your parents were cool and shared 80’s pop culture with you. This book references everything nerndom too, we start with all video games ever and go to Sci fi. movies and shows.

Did I mention they reference Doctor Who and Star Trek?

Ok so we can start that the book begins in a world were most people would rather live in an alternative reality unlike now where people decide to focus on anything but the reality of life. People have been sent out to used their gaming and 80’s knowledge skills to find 3 keys and an Easter egg (not the type that are found during that pagan ritual Christianity passes for their own but the ones nerds and geeks find when watching a movie or playing a video game).


the first key takes forever to find but bonus if you figure it out before chapter 6 ends. The main character Wade makes another new friend (which in nerd who goes to virtual school and does never really get out much is like Christmas because other nerds enable you to nerd out if they are on the same nerddom).

Ok so you will hate the sixters in this book because they represent that sort of twisted greed that lead people to forget what it was ever like to want something and not be able to have it.

Also because our characters only know each other through computer avatars the real person to person interactions get a tat bit weird.

Now the moral of the story only happiness in the real world came truly make you happy, while reality can be crapy at times making you want to escape and forget about your everyday life or how much something may suck. only in the real world can you find happiness that will make you happy and help you through the bad sucky times parts of reality.


One final comment this book has the most epic battle I have ever read! mainly because of robots but yeah.


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