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Man Of Steel A Review

23 Aug


So just watched Man of Steel and my goodness do I love Henry Cavil I mean come on for this movie the man has muscles on top of muscles and the perfect stereotypical nerdy face when he wears glasses (see end of the movie for it).


But seriously he is a super nice guy as far as his interviews go anyways (look at the abs. on him!). ok I think I am done objectifying a human  being now. I like him in The Tudors as well so it is not all because of the perfection of his superficial muscles.

I think this was done very well, while I am not a Superman fan (more towards Batman detective comics in the DC universe actually) Superman as a character was well done. He is the all-red-blodded-American boy who just happens to have super powers and save people. He is raised in Kansas and is as wholesome and pure as white bread, in farm country. if there is one thing you never do to a boy like that (well man) is threaten his mother which is very clear in this movie, to which I say well done because Superman would never stand for that kind of un-wholesome behavior. 

I liked that they had him do a trial flying attempt before he was able to just shoot up into the sky leaving a crater behind him and it was a bit of homage to the original comic version where he is only able to leap tall building. 

Ultimately he did what Superman does which is in most cases just hit buildings with the villain of the day. I thought that he had all the appropriate Superman emotional responses, and a well deserved costume change.


Now to Lois Lane, I like Amy Adams as her because she had the right spirit essentially Lois Lane is just a reporter who stops at nothing to get her story (no matter how many people she hurts or reputation she trashes just so she can get her story no matter how…). I like the fact that they made her not as unaware as previous Lanes. I mean after all she is a reporter and not a single one of them really ever became aware of the fact that Clark Kent and Superman were the same person. For crying out loud he only has glasses on! (as someone with glasses we do not change that much no matter what the media is obviously trying to imply) But Yeah she is a smart (or at least a good reporter who just kissed a guy and he does not change because he now wears glasses) reporter who did her thing and now knows all that she must know. 

I just liked this aspect of the movie. 

Now to the utmost pressing Issue which brings me to write about Superman 


As you may be aware there will be a Superman meets Batman movie coming out where the old switch-aroo will be pulled for Batman since the last Batman movie left us with only Robin (though should have been Dick I would have even accepted Richard) Grayson. Ben Affleck has been announced to be the Batman. I honestly hope with all my heart that this is not another Dare Devil catastrophe, because you know we all pretend there was no such thing as a Dare Devil movie.

In other news of hoping maybe DC will work it’s way up to a JLA movie though preferably a Wonder Woman movie should happen before. (Come one DC I would even settle for a Hawk man and Hawk woman movie) as long as they do include all the original JLA members such as Martian Man Hunter and all other mentioned above. If it does happen I think a Green Lantern Movie would be remade for it or there might be another switch in the superhero musical costume game. Either way I will be happy if a good wonder woman walks in a beats both Batman and Superman in the intro to man’s world. 

So that is it for my Nerdy news, let me know you thoughts on the DC universe movies.

Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff

21 Aug


Ok so at first you think weird tittle and then I was not able to sleep after I got over the first chapter’s ending. It was terrifying (partly because it was read right before bed, while I was alone and I game my imagination free range with this book) I will just like to wand others with active imaginations that if you must read the first chapter you do so knowing what can happen. Anyways….

Aside from making me sound like a bit of a whimp, this book was a easy to read book, I liked it. The main idea is that the main character Jane Charlot is in prison for killing a man. The Psychologist interviewing her must determine whether or not she is telling the truth or if she is crazy. Jane says she belongs to a division within The Organization called the Bad Monkey. The sole purpose of that division is to get rid of Evil people or Bad Monkeys. 

Along the way parts of Jane’s life come to light and as the Psychiatrist looks for evidence to see if Jane’s stories are real or fake, she continues to talk and discuss that the other branches of this Organization  take care of covering up the fact that this is even real. (makes it harder to believe she tells the truth)

So the whole time you are trying to decide whether or not to believe Jane or pass her of as a nut who has had way to many pills and booze cocktails. 

But the main point (I think) is that we do not really know what evil is and how it comes to be. Are people born evil or do they become evil. 

Please have fun with this book.

Batman redux, but no Wonder Woman

14 Aug

Wonder Woman needs a movie!


Wonder WomanRumors surrounding comic book-to-film adaptations have been flying for over the last decade, since the success of the Sam Raimi’s Spider-man film franchises and given the following successes of films such as The Avengers and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. At San Diego International Comic-Con,  the Comic-Con of all  Comic-Cons, executives announced an upcoming Batman and Superman film, thus untitled and tentatively slated for release in 2015.

The catch? Christian Bale, the Bruce Wayne of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, will not be joining Henry Cavil (who is the new face of Clark Kent) on the big screen. This has lead to quite a bit of fan speculation on who will become the new caped crusader. There’s buzz around Joseph Gordon Levitt (who we saw as a sad version of Robin in Nolan’s last Batman film, The Dark Knight Returns), Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum. Fan favorites are a little more inclusive…

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We have a 12th Doctor

4 Aug


Name Peter Capaldi and he is Scottish.

The Wolverine a review

4 Aug


So I watched The Wolverine, reasons to watch this movie? If you are a Marvel/X-Men fan (and therefore you will watch and or read anything form them specially if you are familiar with the silver samurai) and if you appreciate Hugh Jackman in a suit (or with a mountain-man beard). Personally I have always like Wolverine as a character. Even though I find that the previous movies may not lived up to my expectations this had enough action and bad-ass characters.


There is Yukiko who is anything other than awesome and has an equally awesome fashion choice. (ok I just think she is cool)


Then there is Mariko which Hugh Jackman tended to use very much of the American extra r pronunciation which bothered me a bit. Also there is a reason Kimonos are not tie through the front, apparently it leads to sex. 


Then Ninjas vs. Adamantium ! pretty awesome actually that is worth watching. Also if you can feel the pain of others watching Wolverine get his claws cut off via samurai sword you may want to close your eyes. 


So all in all this is worth watching if only to watch the Marvel extra at the end of the movie credits.