The Wolverine a review

4 Aug


So I watched The Wolverine, reasons to watch this movie? If you are a Marvel/X-Men fan (and therefore you will watch and or read anything form them specially if you are familiar with the silver samurai) and if you appreciate Hugh Jackman in a suit (or with a mountain-man beard). Personally I have always like Wolverine as a character. Even though I find that the previous movies may not lived up to my expectations this had enough action and bad-ass characters.


There is Yukiko who is anything other than awesome and has an equally awesome fashion choice. (ok I just think she is cool)


Then there is Mariko which Hugh Jackman tended to use very much of the American extra r pronunciation which bothered me a bit. Also there is a reason Kimonos are not tie through the front, apparently it leads to sex. 


Then Ninjas vs. Adamantium ! pretty awesome actually that is worth watching. Also if you can feel the pain of others watching Wolverine get his claws cut off via samurai sword you may want to close your eyes. 


So all in all this is worth watching if only to watch the Marvel extra at the end of the movie credits. 


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