Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff

21 Aug


Ok so at first you think weird tittle and then I was not able to sleep after I got over the first chapter’s ending. It was terrifying (partly because it was read right before bed, while I was alone and I game my imagination free range with this book) I will just like to wand others with active imaginations that if you must read the first chapter you do so knowing what can happen. Anyways….

Aside from making me sound like a bit of a whimp, this book was a easy to read book, I liked it. The main idea is that the main character Jane Charlot is in prison for killing a man. The Psychologist interviewing her must determine whether or not she is telling the truth or if she is crazy. Jane says she belongs to a division within The Organization called the Bad Monkey. The sole purpose of that division is to get rid of Evil people or Bad Monkeys. 

Along the way parts of Jane’s life come to light and as the Psychiatrist looks for evidence to see if Jane’s stories are real or fake, she continues to talk and discuss that the other branches of this Organization  take care of covering up the fact that this is even real. (makes it harder to believe she tells the truth)

So the whole time you are trying to decide whether or not to believe Jane or pass her of as a nut who has had way to many pills and booze cocktails. 

But the main point (I think) is that we do not really know what evil is and how it comes to be. Are people born evil or do they become evil. 

Please have fun with this book.


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