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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a review Pilot episode

25 Sep


First of all Phil Coulson is back!!!!! well sort of you know how S.H.I.E.L.D. can well in all of the Marvel universe people can be brought back after death, (bonus points if you know who else was brought back in this way in the Marvel Universe). 

The nerdyness oozing out of the scientists is incredible!!! Fitz is the engineer while Simmons is the biologist,


I liked the pilot episode I cannot wait for the next episode and to see all of the S.H.I.E.L.D.  gadgets! 

This episode had action and the funny moments in the nerd universe, so watch this show because I approve of it. 


The Original Nerd on Week Two

24 Sep


So if you are following Bill Nye on the Reality competition show Dancing With The Stars, you may have gathered from the first week that he was treated a bit rudely by two of the three judges. After the first week three million plus people watched the youtube video of his first dance.

This on it’s own sent a message to all of those in the show, which made the Judges react a little bit differently to Bill Nye on week two. Apparently all of the trending posts and comments on Facebook that were along the lines of “If Bill is sent home I will stop watching the show” scared people on the show enough.

While I do think that Mr. Nye is not in the greatest dancing shape and well he is no spring chicken, I must say that not being rude to him on the first week while paying compliments to other stars who danced at the same level of skill was not fair. 

Anyways my point of this whole thing is that I will watch this show until Bill Nye is taken off and that his pure awesomeness deserves respect, which he only got because people now realize that the amount of nerds that will bleed for him is great and that in sheer numbers all of us science lovers have pop-culture power. We should be proud of this and should continue to unite to suport those who showed us the way to Nerdomhood. 



The love songs.

21 Sep

Ok so after spending some time with a musician, I began to wonder if I knew more than a few love songs sung by women. So  I did what I always do whenever I have a question about anything and I hit the knowledge of the internet. I started with best 100 love songs ever, this led me to find that out of one hundred songs only thirty were sung by women and I even generously counted when a female/male voice did a duet like Sonny and Cher (you know I got you babe followed by a divorce).

Then in the female voice only category I found awesome ladies like Cindy Lauper-Time after Time (a favorite of mine) Madona, Maria Carry, Bionce and of course Celine Dion with My Heart Will Go On ( you know that song that was stuck in everyone’s heads after Titanic). 

So what is my point here? 

well it just seems that there is something out there making women sing more about cheating men or being dumped than love.

The Beattles sang several love songs, John Lennon love Yoko enough to write her many love songs. and there are much more songs by men that close into the idea of romantic love.

In my personal experience I even consider Florence + the machine-dog days as a love-songish because there is a part where she says that she kisses him (but actually it goes She killed him with kisses). So maybe I am not the best on deciding what a love song is, but surely more people have to have had realized this right?

I will do some more research and get back to this topic.

if you read this let me know if you agree disagree or if you can think of love songs sung by women. 

One of the original Nerds in Dancing With The Star?

4 Sep

Alright so we all know The Science Guy, you know the one that taught us that science is cool and that we could conquer the world with a our knowledge. This guy has been great to all science classes and kids who believed one day they too could rock the the bow tie. Thanks to him we have Matt Smith and all those hipsters believing they are super original. 

Now our Science Hero is in the ever popular show Dancing with the Stars (it was announced today). Now the questions for all of us who believe in the power of science is should we watch the show and give our support to one of the original nerds or should we just not watch the show and leave Bill Nye to compete against football players, Disney stars and reality TV people all alone? 

I think this is tough, personally he is one of my heroes I love science because of him and he also let me know that being nerdy was a good thing and that I was not alone because there are people out there that get as exited about atoms and their charges as I do. But it is up to those who can watch TV to decide.

I do wish him all the best in this dancing show though I really wish that the physics of dancing gets a spot on the show I will probably keep an eye out for any updated on him. 

What will you do with your TV viewing privileges. 

nerd and proud

4 Sep



4 Sep