The love songs.

21 Sep

Ok so after spending some time with a musician, I began to wonder if I knew more than a few love songs sung by women. So  I did what I always do whenever I have a question about anything and I hit the knowledge of the internet. I started with best 100 love songs ever, this led me to find that out of one hundred songs only thirty were sung by women and I even generously counted when a female/male voice did a duet like Sonny and Cher (you know I got you babe followed by a divorce).

Then in the female voice only category I found awesome ladies like Cindy Lauper-Time after Time (a favorite of mine) Madona, Maria Carry, Bionce and of course Celine Dion with My Heart Will Go On ( you know that song that was stuck in everyone’s heads after Titanic). 

So what is my point here? 

well it just seems that there is something out there making women sing more about cheating men or being dumped than love.

The Beattles sang several love songs, John Lennon love Yoko enough to write her many love songs. and there are much more songs by men that close into the idea of romantic love.

In my personal experience I even consider Florence + the machine-dog days as a love-songish because there is a part where she says that she kisses him (but actually it goes She killed him with kisses). So maybe I am not the best on deciding what a love song is, but surely more people have to have had realized this right?

I will do some more research and get back to this topic.

if you read this let me know if you agree disagree or if you can think of love songs sung by women. 


One Response to “The love songs.”

  1. A Collection of Musings September 22, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    I will always love you by Whitney Houston

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