Rapture Palooza A movie that I watched

25 Oct






Alright so last weekend I watched this movie and I must say it was awesome and well as the tittle entails this movie is about love (well some of it is but no it is about the rapture happening). So the rapture happens and only a few people are left on earth. 


The anti-christ is a politician which is not at all surprising and well the earth is not in the best condition. But people survive as they always have done.


This movie is funny and sarcastic mainly, it does well to make the best of an impossibly bad situation. So I recomend it a a good bad movie, that should be watched when you have not much todo and you just want to watch something that will make you chuckle. 

I think that the cast is great and that it does give humanity a positive light and hope that it will all be ok.



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