How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu

14 Nov


This book is a confusing and interesting read, I would recommend this book to any self professed nerd (not that the tittle would not interest any nerd) but the use of physics and mathematical language is brilliant in my opinion. 

Reasons to read this book?

If you have ever had any type of conflict with a parental unit as a child.

If you do not call a parental unit often enough as an Adult.

If you are interested in time travel.

You like Paradoxes, or time loops.

You have a soft spot for fictional dogs

You believe you can be the main character in your universe.


This story is great because it explores a world where time travel is possible and  what people in this world do with this ability. You get to experience the loneliness of those who choose to escape life by always staying in a different universe that does not require the normal time sequence that normal life does. 

enjoy the sadness of this book, and the main character’s growth throughout his own story, and do not forget to live the life you have and read on.



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