Dotor Who: The Day of The Doctor

23 Nov








   First of all Moffat you win again! (my mind has been blown to Gallifrey and back!) I truly do not know what to think anymore this episode has finished me and do not know how to start…it was great.



So first of all the Fez drops and it gets picked up! I will try to say as many things without spoilers. 


Oh and Rose is back in a way but not really but yes, we are dealing with time and space after all.



If you have seen the previews you know that we get more than just one Doctor and John Hurt who appeared in the previous episode. 



Ok now for some spoiler like comments, the following material is not appropriate for those who have not yet watched this episode.



So as we first begin this episode we see that well the Doctor does not remember John Hurt. However as they begin to talk and bond they realize that they have much more in common aside from well being kind of the same person.



Here is the best bit they all make up a plan to actually save Gallifrey (yeah I know right mind Blown!!) So they have all of the re-generations of the doctor work together towards this plan.  



SO the command center of Gallifrey actually says that all 13 Doctors rush to save Galifrey (Thirteen Moffat is trying to give Whovians heart attacks) 



The question that remains is whether or not the doctor(s) succeeded in saving Gallifrey. The problem is that the chances of remembering they saved Gallifrey might not happen and they will never know.



Then Tom (frikin) Baker, I just realized that they hinted at the fact he would appear note the very long scarf. 



Lastly Matt Smith joins the ranks of the Doctors which in a way I think is his way of saying good bye like the ones before him.



It took 50 years but I think that there will be another fifty to come and many more doctors to join. 



Till the next episode.


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