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The Supergirls by Mike Madrid

2 Dec


Ok so ready for some book fun!

As a comic book person myself I really loved this book, I learned o much about early comic books and their start. 

While this focuses mainly on female heroes and feminism, (and I am pro -feminism) it does not ignore the male heroes (and don’t worry it does not demonize male heroes) 

I like that Madrid does a time comparison of the superheroes as time change (acknowledging that the roles on women and the politics of the country change throughout their lives)

By reading this book you might find that there are awesome series that you may want to look into and/or follow.

It also goes into and analysis of their clothing and the types of women who decide to take crime into their own hands. It might be surprising to find how these type of women change as the times change

Fashion is reviewed (which is awesome because you can see the differences that fashion does with time and how cool or uncool it gets).

Favorite line of it all “They first needed to get panties that covered most of their but cheeks and do what they do best kick someone else’s but”

Please read this book and be awesome, you will be a better nerd for it!