Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor and what I thought about it

30 Jan


Ok so I know this is a bit late, but I finally watched the Christmas episode and well I have some thoughts.

If you have not yet seen this episode then there may be some spoilers in LOOK AWAY!!


Alright if you are still reading then I assume you have seen the episode and your perspective of it, may or may not be altered by my point of view.

Ok! so I would like to start with Clara, I do like her and she “is the girl that is born to save the Doctor “

But I was used to having women in Doctor Who, you know women who saved the world and were important, So why is Clara just “the impossible girl” by that matter why was Amy “the girl who waited”?

Clara had so much potential she was introduced as someone who defeated the Dalek internally while she herself was turned into a Dalek, but then she sort of became a girl who did everything the Doctor told her to do.


Then in the last episode she admitted to liking the Doctor (which ok who would not have a crush on an all-powerful being who can take you through space and time and take you away from any problem…Everyone has a bit of a crush on the Doctor but that should be another article maybe)

Another factor of this episode is that there was another narrated episode with Matt Smith’s eyebrowless face looking at the camera in different points of the narration. I am sorry but it has been done several time with Smith as the Doctor.


It felt as if the best parts where narrated


Yup the Doctor teams up with the silence and they try to kick ass. I say try because well the Dalek are everywhere and they seem to just Dalekfy every species.


So the Doctor grows old and Clara comes back to a world where no lies are told (remember the words of the blue monk? way back when?) Clara does save the doctor it is not as epic though she just asks  nicely


He goes back to being young and Smith says his final good bye.. ( I will miss him for as much as I missed Tennant and disliked Smith for being the replacement I will always have respect for the 11th)


So now we say ‘Hello” to the new Doctor! what new adventures and character development are we to expect?


Well kidneys will certainly be involved as they seem to be inside his body.



One Response to “Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor and what I thought about it”

  1. habibilamour January 30, 2014 at 7:53 am #

    Matt Smith will always be my favourite but I’m sure I will like 12.
    As for the Classic series, Nyssa x Tegan have always been my OTP.

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