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My Super Bowl Alternatives

2 Feb

It has come again that time when people watch two football teams fight it out for a win.

As I do not understand football but do enjoy the traditional Super Bowl food I choose to watch the cute alternatives to the regular Super Bowl,


The Puppy Bowl has been around for 10 years now and has adorable puppies playing until the half time show where kittens are then ushered to the stadium to play while the puppies rest.


They also Have a Status sheet on each puppy playing and where they can be adopted from. 


The kitten Bowl has just started this year and includes cute kittens playing around and getting penalties for unnecessary cuteness (that is a penalty)



The kitten Bowl also has fact sheets for participating kittens.




Another fraction of cuteness that gets added to these events is that they have penguin cheerleaders. (while penguins are cute I hope they don’t get too much time with the puppies and kittens)


Anyways if you have not yet been made aware of either of these events before now I am sorry but you now have a chance to watch cuteness while the Super Bowl is on commercial break.