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Book Review: Adulting How to become an grown-up in 468 easy(ish) Steps By Kelly Williams Brown

12 Mar



Do you know if you are an adult? Perhaps you have not yet gotten a grip on making food to sustain and nourish yourself? Maybe you (like me) cannot keep your place clean to save your life.

Well have I got the book for you.

Not only does this book have great anecdotes for everything that is written on it. But it also have amazing tips and life hacks that can save people in any kind of situation.

And for the socially awkward it has tips on surviving grown-up diner parties to dealing with friends and romantic relationships. It also has a bit on dealing with family members ranging from the pleasant to the not so pleasant ones.

But my absolute favorite feature of the book are the graphs and charts that help explain the problem and solutions.



Above is the shame shame boomerang, which is something you should stay away from.


This is the graph to keep in mind when you go to such grown-up events

Overall this is an awesome book that I highly recommend even if you are all grown-upy there are still some very awesome tips that can help the thriftiest and most grown-up person.