HIMYM finally and how it let me down

12 Apr




Ok so I have been watching this show for a long not since it started but you know once it became available on Netflix. What hooked me to this show was not really the main character but his friend, I actually dislike Ted (the main character or the dad). He is pretentious and the way he defines love and wears down girls ultimately promising them the chance to be ‘the one”. ( I have so much hatred for this character I could punch him)




Then the writers decided to against all that has happened in nine years put Robin and Ted together! 




I am just disappointed with this universe and how it all turned out. 



My next point of woe is that one of the best character developments that happened was Barneys he went from someone who had severe trust issues to having a baby (and while the mother was just mentioned as a number) he developed a very strong emotional connection; but you know what the writers did they never mention it again. 



Barney (the coolest character in the series in my opinion, because well he is just an honest bastard to himself and his friends. While not so much to the girls that fall for his pick-up tricks which he himself knows won’t lead him to “the one”) and Robin (also a pretty cool character other than the fact that she dated Ted) Belong together. They were awesome together and that allowed Ted to stop obsessing over a girl who did not want to go out with Ted in the first place and ultimately never wanted the same things Ted wanted. While I believe that marriages do fall apart and there is not much you can do, the fact that they fall out of being friends is a complete bummer; not to mention that this had happened again and they had managed to get through this and remain friends.

The mother’s identity should have been found





2 Responses to “HIMYM finally and how it let me down”

  1. MissFourEyes May 1, 2014 at 4:41 am #

    I’m really down about the finale too. I wish I’d seen it coming, would have been less disappointing!

    • Nuriandnerdpower May 1, 2014 at 4:58 am #

      I know it was a real bummer apparently there are deleted scenes that show Ted mourning for his wife which the writers thought would be too gut wrenching for the final episode. I would have rather seen the gut wrenching scenes.

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