How to Make Your Dates Less Awkward

30 Apr

Great advice from this blogger, now go out and date like a social butterfly!

Miss Four Eyes

Dating is difficult stuff. The whole night is about trying to make someone who is practically a stranger like you. It’s a lot of pressure! Let’s face it, first dates can get pretty awkward. Sometimes they get so awkward that you actually have a map to cross out the places you can never ever visit again with the fear that you might bump into that person and *gasp* have to make eye contact or something.

Don’t you worry, we’ve all been there. Here is a quick guide to help you make your dates a little less awkward:

1. The Awkward Silence: it’s your first date and both of you are pretty nervous. Neither of you is sure what to say so you just sort of sit there as the awkward silence stretches from seconds to minutes to what feels like eons.

Trying to save the moment by staring into each…

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