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Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

28 May

Your Princess Is in Another Castle: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

This may  very well be the one of the most important articles written about the nerd, and dating culture. I have written about what women consider creepy before and how tiring someone out to get a chance to be with them is just wrong. But this just put all of the words where they should be. So please read it and then analyze what you truly believe the right thing is and be a leader and don’t let unjust treatment of Human beings happen. 


26 May

This is mainly related to the horrible act committed on Friday May 23 2014. The shooter should not be remembered as a man with mental illness but a man who was fulled by the idea that because he is a man, women somehow owed him sex and should have not said no to his advances. 

Geek Girls Unite By Leslie Simon a Book review

25 May


Ever wondered what is the difference between nerds, geeks, dweebs and weirdos? well it really does not matter because while those tittles where once social outcasts have now risen to power. However it is the women who fall under those categories have been left under-represented and this book brings us to light (and well as in the book tittle) it unites us!

Why read this book other than having quizzes testing your geeky knowledge or books, movies, music, and D.I.Y. It also gives information on (stereo types) basic character sketch of different types of she-geeks. It offers information on the type specific mythology (it gives notes on the first women who began the genre or geeks). Simons also gives a comprehensive list of our goddesses (again specific to each type of she-geek) and why they are a specific type of geek and how they rock at being awesome. 

But my absolute favorite things is that there are book, movies, music and blog recommendations which I plan on using because they all sound like they deserve to be looked at and appreciated.  


I learned that I am part fangirl, literary geek and funny-girl geek.


This book encourages women and girls who have not (and do not want to) grow out of dressing up like a powerful super-heroine or just play W.O.W. until our fingers fall off. Or if you are like me try to line your wall with comic books. (I will get there as soon as I have a steady paycheck). 



The best discovery is that Simon has create the Girl Geek Guild (a geek type sorority for all who were not really into the greek houses) which is a more loose type of organization where she-geeks can get together and bounce ideas without having to prove their geekyness to people (yeah mainly guys who don’t believe women can be interested on geeky things without over sexyfying poison Ivy, as if she were not over sexed enough). 

So read this book learn about the female counter part to the usual guy geek and see how she-geeks start to take over the world by being incredibly awesome and smart. 



I would like to send a shout out to Tumblr girls who always make my dashboard interesting, smart and feminist. For that I love them blogging she-geeks. 



Solar Frikin’ Roadways

23 May

Solar Frikin’ Roadways

Ok people, watch this pretty cool video advertising What could possibly be our future in a clean energy country. Spread the news and wait until it all looks like Tron! 

Same-sex marriage Ban has been overturned in Oregon!!

19 May


As an ally I am extremely happy that the Ban on same-sex marriage has been lifted in Oregon (a purple state). A state judge overturned the ban saying that allowing heteronormative couple to marry while excluding non-heteronormative couples is unconstitutional. While this may not be the only and final ruling in this case my hope is that the federal courts will not over-rule this decision. For now happy couple are just happy to get their marriage certificates and be considered equal to heteronormative couple as every human should be.  

Getting the Job, A story of finally?

18 May

ok so if you have gone through some of my post you may have noticed that I hit a roadblock or at least I felt like I was running on a treadmill (if you have not it’s ok, I don’t really have an order to all the posts they just find a place as they develop) but now that moment of anxiety has passed. And it has been newly replaced by a different kind of anxiety, it no longer and (I don’t know what I am doing) type of anxiety but a (Holy crap I have a job lined up and will start scarily soon!!!) kind of anxiety.

I have until the end of June (yeah barely a month away) to get my stuff together and do the job-grown-up-thing. 


As I start to panic and do everything in my power to remain calm (not really other than maybe do my procrastination ritual of baking and eating baked good) and prepare for the new adventure that lies in front of me. I am really not doing a great job. But I just wanted to let the interwebs know, you know in-case I loose it and never write again. 


If you are reading this please expect that there will be another form of anxiety once I actually start my job/career path. So stay well let me know if you want baked good mailed to you (you would alleviate my baked good consumption and possible descent into morbid obesity) just let me know.

Alright good news though I have a job, so that is good. Yay near future financial independence!   




And another type of LGBTQ role model is made

11 May

In case you have not heard yet The Saint Louis Rams have drafted Michael Sam the first publicly gay football player. Obviously there was some tension and probably fear that Sam had sealed the lid on his sports career by being queer and proud, but the NFL has proved us and many who criticized his coming-out wrong. I may not be into the world of American Football but I will gladly support a team who is open minded and whose player will not see Sam as a gay player but a part of the team. I also hope that these current events inspires other like Sam to not live in fear of who they are and what they can do. The world must change for the better, and it only takes one person to get much support for something they are doing right.