Anxiety and job searches

3 May

ok time for some personal stuff check-in. You can turn away if you wish I just need to write down stuff so I can feel important.

A few weeks ago I took a course to teach English abroad, Why? maybe it’s because I would like to travel and not be just a bum abroad. Maybe I just want to do something meaningful with my life such as teaching and helping children become international spies! (or business people you know whatever) Maybe it is a combination of the two, but seriously future spies though. 


Ok so maybe they may or may not become spies, I will just try my hardest to steer them in the way of awesome.

Now back to the anxiety job searching bit. 



it is exhausting to search for jobs abroad almost more than searching for job where you live! you are in the computer searching for places where maybe you would like to go and work at. Then you have to have a resume with a picture because thy would like to see your face! and then you wait for a return email. Ok not so bad but here is the thing I am searching for Job in a country 16 hours ahead. Last week I missed an interview because they said Thursday but it was actually my Wednesday.


I just feel like there is not enough time and I am under qualified for anything and everything! But life goes on and one of these day I will write from where I end up teaching and the world won’t be so dark and frustrating. 

Now I will be of to send more emails.


Meanwhile enjoy the little things.


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