Birthdays and other things

5 May

So tomorrow is my birthday I will have had a total of 25 full rotations around the sun. yay!

What do I want to do with this once a full rotation event? I will eat as much pasta in pesto sauce as I can handle.

Why because I have never done that and I think it will build character. Or maybe I just would like an excuse to attempt to eat my body weight in pasta with pesto sauce. 


and that is pretty much what I have to look forward to, because birthday begin to loose especialness as the number of full rotation increases. Maybe I am slightly bitter at this I long for the days when having your birthday was the best second to Christmas (it was mainly about the presents and delicious foods that I got to pick).

Ok here is How my birthdays were in Peru (you never ever told anyone other than your closest friends when your birthday was happening). Why you ask? well it was a strange ritual that took part during a birthday at school, people threw eggs at you. it was not bad enough you were getting older and loosing your little kid cuteness value you now arrived home from school (primary school it started on the 4th grade) covered in eggs. All you could do is hope your birthday remained a secret or that people with the eggs had bad aim. Of course you could always get inside the mode of transportation taking you home unless you live close to the school in which case sorry. I never participated neither as a thrower of egg or as the unlucky birthday person. But I did help my best friend escape from having eggs splatter all over her (though quite frankly eggs are actually good for your hair but that does not take away the comfortableness that is having egg splattered all over your hair and clothes). While keeping few birthdays secret can put a stomp on the possible birthday parties I only had one or two max in a lifetime so that was not really the reason my birthdays make me at least uncomfortable at most just bitter to no end.

But I think it all changed when my birthday started to become embarrassing, people shouting “happy birthday” in a middle school classroom would do that. I blame birthday announcements from the office of my middle school.


ok I don’t go flipping tables on my birthday (though it would improve the day) I go around answering phone calls from relatives that I never see and being woken up way to early in the morning by older relatives who decided that they will forget to call me as the day goes on so waking me up is the next logical step (it comes with being from Peru people love to give birthday wishes either at midnight or so early in the morning you regret staying up until midnight). 


Sorry about the negative turn of the post here are some cute owl to lighten up day. please when you have come a full rotation around the sun do try not to be so bitter or at least eat cake.





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