when what you love hurts you: A tale of much crying

6 May

For the first time today my dog bit me. He had never done this before, at least not in the get away I am angry sort of way that will leave blood on my hand. But today he did. I am taking care of two other dogs and i have been feeding them all at the same time. this causes my dog finish his food on record time and try to help out the other dogs. In order to prevent this I usually remove my dog from the feeding area and have him wait until the other dogs are done. Well today i decided to pet him but then he did not take too kindly (or perhaps he was offended/embarrassed in front of the other dog) to this and grabbed my hand with his jaws and began sort of chewing away at my had. When he finally stopped. I did what comes most natural to humans and held my hand close to my body while with the non-injured had i grabbed him by the collar and pushed him to the other side of the door closing it after him. 

I was still not sure on what had happened so i saw that the other dogs finished before I went to the bathroom to wash my now filled with tiny purple dots hand with cold water (this is not a very good idea, why because it made my hand feel much more pain than it was already in). I started crying whether it was from the physical pain or the fact that my dog the one I love the most had just hurt me. It took a while for me to stop crying which sucks because crying is just the worst thing ever, but I did stop. Now i just have my swollen hand wrapped in this blue gel that came out of my freezer, as I type this with the other hand still feeling very sad and very much in pain. Why must such a concentration of nerves exist in the hand!



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