People and Emotions

7 May


Image some times.

I have spend over four years trying to make sense of life and the people who are in it, I have been puzzled by why people do when they do. The quirks, the habits, the way of thinking and their actions. I have been for lack of a better term my own experimental subject I have encountered people and I have acted as they wished me to act and I have responded to their acting when ever appropriate trying to be myself. Yet I am not at all sure I have anything to start making sense of people. Every course that I took in college was to in some way make sense of those around me. I took psychology of women and psychology of men, psychology of gender, the study of human behavior, study of family and relationships and several sexuality courses among them the philosophy of sex and love. I thought that those courses would help me get an insight into human life and how to deal with different situations and while they have helped in my understanding of why people do something in response to a variety of things. I cannot comprehend the human mind.

I understand that the human mind is a complex and mysterious thing and that people have been studying for ages. I do not pretend to take away the merit of countless researchers, but why do I find myself puzzled by everyday interactions frustrates me to no end. why does a person lie when there is no reward to be gained. How do people perceive someone as one thing when the perceived person may the opposite. How are some relationships so difficult to start up and even more complicated to maintain. I am an observer of life I jump in when I need to be involved but then people do things that at the moment, seemed opposite for from what their initial character perception was. In a book or a T.V. show you may call it bad writing; because character development take a while. But in real life changes can happen suddenly and without much warning at all. 

Perhaps I do not see the signs that are there while the rest of the world can perceive that someone has turned their blinkers on and is ready to take a hard left at any moment now. Maybe I am missing something. Maybe I am a horrible communicator and people are just reacting to me. But if they were initially geared to react, as an observer wouldn’t I have noticed that this reaction would occur? it is often members of one gender who refer to the opposite gender as complicated. I think that while all of humanity is complicated, each person in their own unique way, It is less likely for a person to see another person who is at a close emotional proximity in a less complicated manner. 

comments or questions are welcomed. 


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