The World’s End: A review

9 May


Ok so this movie is over all awesome!!

Just like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz before it, this movie includes and amazing cast with a plot twist on the original life of the protagonists.


The main Character Gary King who after many years sets out to do what he and his friends were not able to accomplish after High School.


To get through a pub crawl (get sauced) by drinking a beer at all twelve pubs in their home town. Sadly enough the time that has gone by between then and now and Gary King manages to round up his friends but they all have very different lies from their  High school selves and to many things have happened for them to be the same as they once were. ( mainly people grow up and well the high school years aren’t always kind enough to re-live)


Once they get to New Haven (their home town) they find (after a few beers) that the quiet little town they were so fond of has been invaded by robots who pass themselves off as residents of that town. They plan to save the city but in the end they partly succeed.


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