This is the Darkest timeline: The tragic story of Community

9 May



Community was cancelled!


This is the story of how a young but brilliant and promising T.V. show got cancelled by the evil NBC network. It happened on their sixth season and the world is suffering for it. 


I am not sure whether it is pain of anger that fuels me to write this but they did not even allowed for closure their last episode was the J.I. Joe episode! what the hell NBC just because those who enjoy apparently do not cut it in the ratings department. This is like Futurama all over again!



However unlike Futurama Community may never come back to us and we will never know what happens to Greendale and it’s students.


There is no other show that will give us paintball wars (and parody Star Wars) or give us Claymation, puppets, and animated episodes to signify mental breakdowns.


I would only like to request a signal boost to see if NBC picks up the show again or Maybe like Futurama another network can pick it up (ahem…. Comedy Central or Netflix) and maybe we can get to watch more epic episodes again.






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