Getting the Job, A story of finally?

18 May

ok so if you have gone through some of my post you may have noticed that I hit a roadblock or at least I felt like I was running on a treadmill (if you have not it’s ok, I don’t really have an order to all the posts they just find a place as they develop) but now that moment of anxiety has passed. And it has been newly replaced by a different kind of anxiety, it no longer and (I don’t know what I am doing) type of anxiety but a (Holy crap I have a job lined up and will start scarily soon!!!) kind of anxiety.

I have until the end of June (yeah barely a month away) to get my stuff together and do the job-grown-up-thing. 


As I start to panic and do everything in my power to remain calm (not really other than maybe do my procrastination ritual of baking and eating baked good) and prepare for the new adventure that lies in front of me. I am really not doing a great job. But I just wanted to let the interwebs know, you know in-case I loose it and never write again. 


If you are reading this please expect that there will be another form of anxiety once I actually start my job/career path. So stay well let me know if you want baked good mailed to you (you would alleviate my baked good consumption and possible descent into morbid obesity) just let me know.

Alright good news though I have a job, so that is good. Yay near future financial independence!   





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