Steins: Gate By 5pb and Nitroplus, a review.

4 Jun



So I just binge watched this wonderful anime Steins; Gate and it was awesome not only do they reference everything nerdy (yup even Doctor who) it is well dubbed. The dubbing is important because as many people who speak more than one language can tell you in most cases references and jokes do not translate well. So watching something that has been dubbed well with references and jokes is just mind-blowingly awesome!


Alright so what is this about? Well it takes place in Akihabara Japan, where a “Mad Scientists (that is how our main character Okabe) is trying to find the means to time travel with a little help (a lot of help) from his friends. Along the way they discover a way to actually do transport somethings in time but then they enter a race with a large corporation also trying to achieve the same if not very similar goal. However the outcome is not very pleasant for the future human-kind, nor for the future of Okabe and his friends.


What should you expect? awesome art, great dialogue and the discovery of friendship, love and family members among the most surprising characters. Also there is food preparation! (sorry I just can’t get over the art)


So watch this awesome anime and you will be glad to be in suspense and happy to see things get resolved.



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