Cuban Fury By John Brown and Nick Frost, A Movie Review

15 Jun








Ok so this weekend I was lucky enough to watch Cuban Fury. What is this you say? only the best dance movie ever it does not only have Nick Frost the other half of the best bromance ever!

The movie is about Bruce, a currently over weight engineer (Who like many people resides and depends heavily on his comfort zone) who was a salsa dancing sensation when he was young.  One day he meets the fair Julia (played by Rashida Jones), who just transferred to his company as his boss. He becomes swooned by her awesomeness and begins to try to impress her somehow.

Because he is so into his lack of self confidence he keeps putting himself down specially when he learns that she is a salsa student. However with a little bit of encouragement from his sister and former dance partner Bruce once again takes up Salsa Dancing.

However as a returner to anything he felt like he had an upperhand in the class only to realize that No! He then realizes he was being a butt-face and makes a super awesome friend who gives him a makeover. (but I cannot stress how much awesome this guy is throughout the entire movie!)


(Bonus spoiler Simon Pegg makes a feature appearance!) that is all.







This movie has one of the best BEST! (seriously best) Dance fight scenes I have seen as far as my existence on this earth goes. (Tha being said I do think that this makes me seem like I watch way too many movies that involve dance fighting,But you can’t ever watch too many movies with a dance fight scene(s) in them. It is just not possible.)





Do your self a favor and watch this movie laugh, hate, feel happy and sad. Feel all the feels! because there is nothing better than an underdog in a movie. But I would like to point out that this underdog does not simply win the girl but he wins the right to feel like himself, he gets to express himself and dance when  believed that he would never get to do what he really loved! Most importantly he is loved and accepted by his friends and family as he is because he respects himself and that is the best we can do.


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