The world Cup so far

16 Jun


So far an through my eyes the world cup is going well, yeah there are far too many controversies with Brazil spending millions of dollar (they don’t have) on stadium and the restoration of the Maracana. There are riots in the streets of Brazil and people may be dying. I think that while this is sad, Brazil will also be hosting the Olympic games in 2016. So those stadiums will be in use in two years (this in no way makes up for what is going on) but being that they have a really good chance of winning the cup for their sixth time. I think that this must be kept in mind that Brazil was not ready for all of this yet people are complaining about the lack of commodities in the stadiums and in the city in general (remember they have to spend their money in health care and education).  Please do not complaint about things that a country with few resources cannot comply with. Just support the country by visiting it and being nice so they can continue to grow and be able to better accommodate people for the Olympics.

Ok now to a brighter part of the World Cup:

The very attractive men in all of the teams!







Italy Arrives In Brazil



Brazil (Brazil has a player #7 Hulk, the guy looks like a rugby player)

The disappointing referees who will not call horrible fouls. (yet they call every single non-foul because of some exaggerated fall)


The awesome Gols





And the great celebrations:



So have fun enjoy the World Cup but remember the world does not really stop because Futbol is going on, please be conscious of all the tragedy and bad in the world.



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