My Days in Korea, an adventure!

26 Jun



So I have made it to Samcheok South Korea. What?! (if you were not aware of this please refer to the earlier posts with tags such as South Korea, ok? ok).

Anyways currently I have been her a total of four days, maybe (it is a 16 hour time difference and it feels like time travel because I lost a day).  I have been out wandering but the heat is a bit on the intense side so after an hour or so I retreat to my cool and dark apartment, so I can do internet things.

So what have I notice? well for one there are displays of male and female matching underwear (I do not have a picture of this because it is hard to take pictures while holding an umbrella and the effort of doing so to take a picture of mannequin in their undergarments seems a little bit on the way past weird side).

But what hit me the most severely was when I was doing grocery shopping (because I cannot survive on internet glow alone) what that tuna comes in levels of spiciness like chips.

photo (1) photo (2)


Just so you are aware of the specific region/city of South Korea I refer to, I am in Samcheok (again I will get better pictures)

photo (3) photo


South Korea is an interesting place, you  can park wherever, and mind you they don’t really have that break for pedestrians attitude they have back home. But hey you can get any kind of food delivered to your door as fast as a motorcycle can get through trafic (which is quite fast actually).

20140622_003728  20140622_003741 20140622_003823 20140622_003937

I have also noticed that most of things do not really become open until later in the afternoon, which made my adjustment to the time difference seem that much more noticeable, I was the only person trying to get lunch around 10 A.M. 20140622_003942

The Buildings get pretty tall, But I live on the first floor so no uncomfortable elevator riding with people who will most likely notice I do anything but belong in that elevator.


Traffic gets a little crazy this was my view from the bus I was riding from Soul to Samcheok.20140622_015303


I took a few pictures of the local architecture, and the narrowness of the streets which makes me feel very glad I do not have to dive but makes me anxious when there is not much room for people to coexist with cars either. 20140623_210924 20140623_211612 20140623_211616

My very first official Korean meal (I had been wondering around and just entered the first restaurant I saw) was Kimchi spicy ramen with side dishes and mandu (steamed dumplings). This was very delicious and hot, very hot and it added to the warm weather (which was not the best of combinations).

20140623_212934 20140623_213048 20140623_213050 20140623_213249

On my fourths day having gone on a bigger walk it became apparent that in you own some land in South Korea (or at least Samcheok) you are using it to plant, and according to my observations corn is one of the most popular items. Followed by squash, melon, or cucumber (I just recognize the plant as belonging to these varieties).





And that is all for now I will venture out with my camera soon enough and write more till laters!


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