Adventures in South Korea: Samcheok or how I will be calling it home for the next two years.

29 Jun



Ok welcome to another edition of my adventures in Samcheok South Korea. These are from my official 5th day. I am sure now of how long I have been here.  Ok first off Samcheok like their park they have them everywhere (that checkered are is made up of that rubbery soft ground for low impact on the knees).

20140626_215718 20140626_215721 20140626_215754

The sculptures seem to be optional some parks or play areas have them others don’t


One major thing though is that they seem to take exercise seriously, these exercise machines are all over the place. 20140626_215819 20140626_215836

I am at the top of a hill so that is my view from about a block away from my apartment.20140626_215856 20140626_215905 20140626_215924 20140626_215933 20140626_215941

As I mentioned on top of a hill and I was just recently informed that there is an elevator that can get me down from the hill (if you are feeling specially healthy you can take the stairs down or up) you can also that the long ways around the hill and get to the center of the city.


There is always an element of nature everywhere in Smacheok, as if they wanted to modernize the city but were unwilling to give up on all of the rock formations and flora in the area (which I rather like so no complaints from this end). 20140626_220353 20140626_220356

View from inside the elevator it has some airflow which is good for the scorching summer (though I have been told it will get worse so if you like heat and summers this is your place).


There is a Baskin robbins in Samcheok, which is great for the home sick heart (there is also a Dunkin Doughnuts). Among your usual flavors and local variations for ice cream presentations, you also get some (of what I think are) South Korean specific flavors. Clearly marketing research was put into play when developing a veggies and fruits sorbet.  This sorbet has cucumber lime (it makes the light green part of the sorbet, you will be able to tell there is cucumber here) Orange and carrot (making the orange part, which really you could not tell there was carrot in there) and the strawberry and beets (making the pink reddish part also mostly strawberry).

20140626_224250 20140626_224254


Ok just a three minute walk from Baskin robbins, you find another park (they like these). another one with sculptures this one had some interesting water features and stairs which I have yet to go up them because did I mention it is really warm?20140626_230651 20140626_230655 20140626_230703 20140626_230743 20140626_230752 20140626_230754 20140626_230834 20140626_230850 20140626_230852 20140626_230911 20140626_231015 20140626_231023 20140626_231032

Here is nore working out equipment.


I found this (I guess I can call it an art piece) it gets nice and shimmery when the light hits it.

20140626_231446 20140626_231455 20140626_231503

Samcheok does light up at night, actually it is when it comes the most alive. I could say that part of it is because it was a Friday but the day before was equally as busy at night time. (and the smell of food that comes in all directions is awesome!)20140627_041531                                                                                                                                                                               An upside of South Korea is that there is no last call for alcoholic beverages, I tried a great grapefruit flavor rice wine from a convenience store, and it was great (be careful they taste like juice so you can eventually have one too many).




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