Adventures in South Korea :Samcheok Beach

11 Jul


Ok so you have gotten to Samcheok, and whether it s to teach or just because you are going to the East coast of South Korea for some reason. You may end up in Samcheok beach.20140704_212824

What are we talking about here? well the time period in which these pictures were taken where a little less than a week before the beaches in the Samcheok area get officially opened (July 10th, if you want you can do the math). Before the official opening time you may find the beach a bit on the deserted side.


You have a few life guards, who will yell at you in Korean if you go too deep (which is almost impossible because the highest the water got was up to my knees). There is also the natives who appear completely dressed in sport clothing and hats (because technically it is still not beach season even though I have a sunburn to show that it could in-fact be a very real beach day) and they will wade in the water with life jackets.


But it is a pretty beach and those who were with me, including me got to swim in Samcheok beach. Now you will find Samcheok beach about a 10 (maybe less) minutes cab ride from almost anywhere in Samcheok (I will assume you get a cab in downtown Samcheok). you will see the farm land and then you get to the seaside.


The water does not have harsh waves (just you know don’t ever face away from the ocean, it is a stupid idea) but this beach has no pulling current that will make you an episode of lost or cast-away (even if those movies required a plane).


There is a convenience store locaded a narrow road away from the beach where you can buy all your hear may need, and if you perhaps want eatables there are plenty of restaurants also a narrow road away. Just be ready to read Korean or do research.  20140705_040010 \

There is a bathroom also but it is a bring your own toilet paper sort of thing so be prepared of buy at the store (it is called GS 25 btw, the store). As you can see in some of these pictures there are motels and hotels because why not, you are probably on vacation.20140705_040012

Enjoy awesome views, many locals get tents and firewood, you can also grill (fun fact about South Korea, no open container law so buy some Makgeolli or soju).20140705_040015

They also sell fireworks at the store so you can really go all out (as you may be able to see there are no fireworks picture because I was a bit past drunk).20140705_040251

So Samcheok beach! bring enough sunblock! and have fun, you will love it.20140705_040255


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