Adventures in South Korea: Samcheok Beach it is open now

14 Jul

Ok so the Samcheok Beach has finally opened, unfortunately my lenses has been having issues. But here it is in all it’s South Korean Glory the first weekend Samcheok beach is opened.

20140711_223024_LLS 20140711_223031_LLS 20140711_223058_LLS



Everything is out they will rent out floating devices and many other things (but do not open the parasols of someone will ride a four-wheeler to you and tell you to close them).

20140711_223104_LLS 20140711_223117_LLS 20140711_223131_LLS 20140711_223749_LLS 20140711_223830_LLS 20140711_223931_LLS

It all looks pretty much the same but there is a lot more people than last time I was here. also there are a lot more life guards and what seemed like the coast guard well guarding.



and then there are Koreans Having fun heavily equipped with life jackets and helmets.

20140711_225234_LLS 20140711_225327_LLS 20140711_225340_LLS

After all life by the sea is great even on a partly cloudy yet very (extremely!) hot day. 



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